There are over 20 million Sikhs on the planet, many of whom live in the Punjab area of India. The 2001 census recorded that there were 336,000 Sikhs living in the United Kingdom.

Sikhism was founded in the 1500s in the Punjab area of what is now India and Pakistan. It was set up by Guru Nanak and is founded on his teachings, and those of the nine Sikh leaders who followed him.

The most important thing in Sikhism is the internal religious state of the individual.

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Welcome to Sikh Cyber Museum

This website considers important events within Anglo-Sikh history, for example early European accounts of Sikhs, the position of Sikhs in the army and accounts prior to the British Raj. We offer a list of influential and significant figures from Anglo-Sikh History which has been sorted into alphabetical order, according to cultural background and time period. They offer a British geographical representation of locations of particular interest to the Anglo-Sikh past.

The Akhand Kirtani Jatha is a Sikh group who actively celebrates the Gursikh lifestyle, as instructed by the Sikhs' Guru. Its primary tool is to recite the sacred verses of our Guru along with basic musical additions – this practice is renowned as Kirtan and has been actively urged by Guru Sahib. The Practice of Kirtan enables searchers of Truth to gather together and listen to the spiritually encouraging divine words.

This is a world-wide organisation with is based in Germany, France, Punjab, UK, Canada, India, USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and other nations.

To promote the message of the Ten Sikh Guru's to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and their incarnate form Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Shabad Guru) all across the planet.

Our goals

•To spread the news of Shabad Guru through Akhand Paaths, Kirtan and Amrit Sanchaars, selflessly (Niskaam) without any financial reward.

•To take on a genuine Gursikhi lifestyle which allows a Spiritual Progression

•To promote religion and trust in Sikhi, Gurbani and the principles of Gurmat

•To celebrate the glory of Sikh History, both historical and the future

•To propagate the message of Guru Sahib Ji through Gurmat Camps, Gatka, bookd, and other news

•To help the Sikh youth get away from bad society and encourage them to adopt high morals

If you have any queries about Sikhism, please get in touch.