This section provides a list of important and prominent figures from Anglo-Sikh History which have been listed in alphabetical order, according to ethnicity and time period.

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Parkash Singh VC

Victoria Cross Winner (16th February 1945)


On 16/17 February 1945 at Kanlan Ywathit, Burma (now yanmar), Jemadar Prakash Singh was commanding a platoon which took the main weight of fierce enemy attacks. He was wounded in both ankles and relieved of his command, but when his second-in-command was also wounded, he crawled back and took command again, directing operations and encouraging his men. Being again wounded in both legs, he continued to direct the defence, dragging himself from place to place by his hands. When wounded a third time and dying, he lay shouting the Sikh battle-cry, so inspiring his company that the enemy were finally driven off. Killed In the above action.



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