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Royal Armouries


Armouries Drive,
Leeds LS10 1LT

0113 220 1916

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds was opened in 1996 as the new home for the national collection of arms and armour. Each of the five themed galleries covering War, Tournament, Self-Defence, Hunting and the arms and armour of the Orient offers something to captivate every visitor - Henry VIII's tournament armour for instance, the replica Edwardian Gun Room, or a chance to shoot a crossbow. There is an exciting combination of spectacular displays, dramatic interpretations, live action events, interactive technology and thrilling exhibitions.

Moving the Royal Armouries to a disused dockside plot in Leeds served to give the excellent Royal Armouries considerably more space. Moving 250miles from London also meant that the number of visitors has dropped giving the few visitors that the armouries get a great deal of space and time to view the collection.

There is an entire floor dedicated to Oriental arms with one display cabinet dedicated to Sikh weapons. Originally poorly displayed in London, the new display includes the now ubiquitous Nihang Dastaar Bunga and a good collection of arms in the Lahore and Amritsar style. Also included are some world class examples of Punjabi Koftgari work. Information panels, give good credit to Sikh armourers and Sikh warriors.


Opening times

Daily from 10:00 to 5.00

Entry to the museum is free. Some activities and events may be charged for.

On site car parking is provided by a private company who charge £3.00 for a full day.

Additional Contacts:
General enquiries:
For further information telephone:
0113 220 1916

For further information telephone:
0113 220 1888

Group bookings:
For further information telephone:
0113 220 1888

For further enquiries telephone:
0113 220 1832

Wheelchair users
Parking for orange badge holders is free in bays, located close to the main entrance.

Wheelchairs are available to borrow for the whole day. (Please note - wheelchair numbers are limited and are early booking is advisable)

Access is available throughout the museum, with the exception of the Hall of Steel. However, good vantage points can be obtained on each of the two main floors and from the ground level.

The Information Desk has a low-level counter. All lifts are accessible by wheelchair users. The lift buttons are readily accessible. All the lifts have audio advice on floor level. All cinemas and the Tiltyard have spaces for wheelchair users which afford a good view of the shows. During the interpretations, Gallery Hosts will attempt to ensure that good vantage points are made available. Visitors are advised to arrive in good time for the performance.Handling opportunities are offered to all visitors following each interpretation.

Accessible toilet facilities are available throughout the museum, located in the Street, Nelson Bistro, and on floors 1, 2 and 4.


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